Gossamer Bio was named in symbolism of the Gossamer thread, the invisible and fragile connection that binds all relationships in life. Gossamer’s name was chosen to highlight the importance of the organization’s relationships with our partners, members of our community, and of course – patients. Recognizing there is no time to give less than our best, Gossamer’s commitment to the patient community is real – our team aims to improve patient lives through meaningful advances in the development of new therapies and an unwavering commitment to supporting patient communities across the globe. 

Gossamer’s Gratitude

At Gossamer Bio, we recognize that choosing to participate in a clinical study is a big decision, requiring both time & commitment, and the Gossamer Team extends our sincerest THANK YOU to all patients who have participated in a clinical trial – without your participation, advancements in research would not be possible!

Now Enrolling: The PROSERA Phase 3 study of seralutinib in adults with Pulmonary Arterial Hypertension (PAH).